Финансовая и налоговая безопасность предпринимательства

The structure and activities of the company


The structure and activities of the company

The Group of companies "Taxes and Financial Law" (Moscow - Yekaterinburg)

The Center of economic expertise "Taxes and Finance Law" (since 1993)

  • Protection of organizations and businessmen in the administrative and legal process and other financial disputes
  • Consultancy on taxation and accounting
  • Consulting in the field of civil and public law (finance, customs, currency, securities, real estate, land and antimonopoly relation, etc.)
  • Protection organizations and businessmen in a court for economic disputes of any complexity
  • Comprehensive consulting and information services (The Tax club)

Consulting / Arbitration / the tax club

The Agency "Taxes and Financial Law" (since 1995)

  • Statutory audit
  • Tax audit (audit before the tax audit)
  • Due-diligence
  • Business analysis
  • Audit contract work

Consulting / Audit / tax club

The Publishing house "Taxes and Financial Law" (since 1994)

  • The monthly magazine "Taxes and Financial Law"
  • "Analytical review of court practice on tax and financial disputes"
  • Books and brochures on taxation, accounting, financial and business law

The magazine "Taxes and Finance" / "Analytical review of judicial practice" / books

The Training center "Taxes and Financial Law" (since 2005)

  • Conducting seminars on taxation consulting and accounting